Netherlands-2010 Commitments

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  1. The Netherlands is committed to strengthening partnerships with men through financial support of training efforts. An active role for women is essential in interventions aimed at ending conflicts and increase security, stability and human security globally. But is not enough. We need the partnership of men. Male leaders who speak up about the atrocities of sexual violence; male commanders that instruct their uniformed services on how to protect civilians. The Netherlands and Australia will support a UN training module on sexual violence geared towards peacekeepers. We will furthermore support a human rights training package geared towards the national Congolese army. We will also continue in 2011 our joint Foreign Affairs/Defence training on Women, Peace and Security for our own staff. We all need to be better equipped to step up UNSCR 1325 in the next decade. As partners.


  1. The Dutch government has summed up its efforts and results so far in a booklet that will be launched next month: “The Dutch Do’s on Women, Peace and Security.” Ten years after the adoption of 1325, we can say that more perpetrators of sexual violence are brought to justice in the DRC. That more women take part in decision-making processes in Sudan. That more Afghan women demand support in exchange for their vote. So these are results we can take pride in. But let’s not fool ourselves…there is still a long way to go before the spirit of 1325 and following resolutions has fully permeated the work of the United Nations, Member States and civil society. This is why the Netherlands pleas for strengthened accountability mechanisms for the implementation of our commitments expressed here today. We also believe that defining clear roles and responsibilities of UN members states, and within the UN system, in particular, UN Women, the Department of Peacekeeping Operations, the Peacebuilding Commission and the Department for Political Affairs, will be conducive to stepping up our efforts towards reaching the goals of UNSCR 1325 and following resolutions. We are on the eve of a new decade of promoting Women, Peace and Security. We are jointly responsible to now implement our joint commitments.

Commitments made on October 26, 2010 (see SC Open Debate)


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