Nepal-2010 Commitments


  1. As enshrined in its interim Constitution, Nepal is committed to setting aside 33 percent of seats in Parliament for women. We are also committed to continuing an affirmative action policy in our civil service with a view to bringing women into the decision-making levels of the public sector. We are also committed to increasing women’s participation in our army and police forces.


  1. The Government of Nepal has adopted various measures to fight gender-related violence, establishing a toll-free hotline in the Office of the Prime Minister, a gender violence prevention fund, and gender violence control committees in every district in the country. We have also set up local peace committees in every district — empowered to address conflict at the local level and to mediate between conflicting parties — with at least 33 percent participation by women. We are committed to establishing women’s and children’s service centres in police stations across the country for the expeditious investigation and prosecution of sexual and gender-related violence cases.

Commitments made October 26, 2010 (see SC Open Debate)


  1. While making commitment to early finalisation and adoption of Nepal’s ‘National Action Plan’ on the implementation of the Security Council Resolution 1325 and 1820, Minister Rawal reiterated Nepal’s commitment to continue to set aside 33 percent seat in parliament for women with a view to ensuring women’s participation in the highest legislative body of the nation.

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  1. He also committed that the government will continue targeting women participants and beneficiaries in local development, employment creation and frontline service-delivery programs in post-conflict situations with increased financing to gender equality and women’s and girl’s empowerment in post-conflict situations.

Commitments made via commitments form, September 2010.  


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