Norway-2020 Commitments

Norway commits to implementing its fourth National action plan for WPS with higher goals, improved results framework for annual reporting.

Norway-2015 Commitments

In 2015, Norway committed to provide funding to the Global Alliance of Women Countering Extremism and Promoting Peace, Rights and Pluralism.

Norway-2010 Commitments

We continue to increase the number of female Norwegian soldiers and officers, both in our standing military forces and our contributions to international operations. The next two commanders of Norway’s national command in Afghanistan will be women.

Norway NAP Overview

In 2019, Norway has launched its fourth National Action Plan on UNSCR1325 (1st: 2006-2011; 2nd: 2011-2015; 3rd: 2015-2018).


Norway has launched five National Action Plans on UNSCR1325 (1st: 2006-2011; 2nd: 2011-2015; 3rd: 2015-2018; 4th: 2019-2022, 5th: 2023-2030).

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