Norway NAP Overview

In 2019, Norway has launched its fourth National Action Plan on UNSCR1325 (1st: 2006-2011; 2nd: 2011-2015; 3rd: 2015-2018). The preparation of the Action Plan for 2019–2022 has been based on dialogue with key partners and internal consultation processes, as well as the annual reporting on the implementation of the Action Plan for 2015–2018. While many Norwegian policy areas are relevant to the Agenda for Women, Peace and Security, the Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security defines what Norway will emphasise in particular, including peace and reconciliation processes, implementation of peace agreements, operations and missions, humanitarian efforts.

Norway does not have a recent history of conflict but plays an large role in international peacekeeping, humanitarian, and development organisations. Norway is also a member of NATO. TheNAP is focused internationally.

Norway’s fourth NAP provides a strong emphasis on the need for structural change that enables women’s meaningful participation, including through addressing the situation of women human rights defenders and refugees. It provides a strong emphasis on the gender perspective in security, which the government sees as looking in-depth into how societal institutions, structures and systems, programmes, reforms and measures affect women’s and men’s, girls’ and boys’ power and resource situation, and their needs and priorities. It also provides a strong support to civil society both as a partner and an actor for change. However, while recognising what gender perspective means, the NAP has a strong focus on the engagement of women in the military, including through its Long-term Plan for the Armed Forces (2017–2020).

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