Sweden NAP Overview

Sweden released its third NAP for the period 2016-2020 in May 2016. It builds on Sweden’s first NAP (for the period 2006-08) and second NAP (for the period 2009-12). The following analysis builds on PeaceWomen’s original analyses of Sweden’s earlier NAPs and on an analysis of its current NAP, launched in May 2016. However, several external analyses of Sweden’s earlier NAPs are available for download in PDF form below.

Sweden’s 2016 NAP, like earlier NAPs, does not earmark a budget, names the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as responsible for implementation, and creates a country-focused objective. Additionally, it creates a new reference group under the supervision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, composed of governmental and civil society actors, to assist in its development stage. The reference group will be involved in the implementation phase as well.

Sweden does not have a recent history of conflict, but plays an large role in international peacekeeping and humanitarian operations around the world. The Swedish NAP is focused on these international issues.

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