Switzerland-2020 Commitments

Switzerland has published its first report on their fourth national action plan on “Women, Peace and Security”, which shows how Switzerland implemented UN Security Council Resolution 1325 between October 2018 and the end of 2019.

Switzerland-2015 Commitments

Increase commitment through humanitarian and development activities as well as through the promotion of programmes to promote peace and address the past.

Switzerland-2010 Commitments

Switzerland adopted a national action plan early on, which has proved to be a useful instrument. Our second and revised national action plan will come into force within the next few days.

Switzerland NAP Overview

The Swiss Government has launched its fourth National Action Plan for a period of five years (2018-2022). It builds on Switzerland’s first NAP (for the period 2007-2009), its second NAP (for the period 2010-2012) and its third NAP (for the period 2013-2016).

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