Gambia-2010 Commitments

As it seeks to fulfill the vital commitments contained in these resolutions, the Government of the Gambia, in collaboration with relevant stakeholders, has embarked on a series of actions and has been guided by the slogan “From commitment to action”.

Gambia NAP Overview

On June 2, 2014, following the Women Advancement Forum in Banjul, The Gambia launched its first National Action Plan. The development of the National action Plan involved reviewing existing literature on UNSCR 1325


The Gambia adopted its first National Action Plan (NAP) in 2012, but the NAP does not identify a specific period of implementation. The development of the NAP involved reviewing existing literature on UNSCR 1325, the Gambia’s National Gender and Women’s Empowerment Policy 2010-2020, other laws, conventions, bills and policies that affect the rights of women …

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