Albania-2019 Commitments

Update 29 January 2020: Albania managed to send two women peacekeepers to South Sudan, and the Ministry of Defense is discussing the possibility and hoping to continue this kind of engagement.

Albania-2015 Commitments

Although Albania has not yet adopted a National Action Plan for resolution 1325 (2000), gender is mainstreamed across the security sector under the umbrella of its national strategy on gender equality and fight against domestic violence. Albania has also integrated the objectives of resolution 1325 (2000) into its strategies for human-resources management in the armed forces and for public order in Albania’s State police.

Albania NAP Overview

Albania launched its first National Action Plan (NAP) for the Implementation of UNSCR 1235 for the period 2018 to 2020. 

The NAP was developed and will be implemented by the Government of Albania, in close consultation with representatives of local authorities, the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Sweden, UN Women, OSCE, the European Union and with contributions from civil society organisations (CSOs).


There is a long history of women’s rights work in Albania, and the country’s first women’s association was established in 1909.

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