Romania-2020 Commitments

National Action Plan: Romania will prioritize the implementation of its National Action Plan on UNSCR 1325. As a means of ensuring effective implementation, Romania will organize periodic meetings of the Inter- institutional Working Group on the Implementation of UNSCR 1325 to assess progress.

Implementation appears to be ongoing, with a heavy focus on the security sector and women’s participation in the military.

Romania commits to active participation of the National Focal Point in the Global Network of National Focal Points for UNSCR 1325, in UN, EU, NATO and OSCE debates on UNSCR 1325, and at the meetings of the National Working Group on the implementation of UNSCR 1325

Peacekeeping: Undertake individual and collective gender pre-deployment training for all personnel before participating in UN Peace Operations.

The gender training offered during the pre-deployment period was significantly strengthened (pg. 37)

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