Germany-2020 Commitments

Further updates on German implementation of WPS are provided in its national reporting  for  Beijing+25/CSW (pgs. 49-53). It includes  updates on work on disarmament, specifically small arms and light weapons proliferation (pg.53).

Financial commitments: Germany commits to increasing the participation of uniformed women in peacekeeping through a financial contribution of EUR 2 million Euros to the Elsie Trust Fund.

This project has been completed, as the payment was made in December 2019. 

Germany will support survivors of sexual and gender-based violence by contributing EUR 900,000 to the Dr Dennis Mukwege Initiative/Foundation for survivors of sexual violence and support the Special Appeal on Strengthening the Response to Sexual Violence by the International Committee of the Red Cross with a total of EUR 2 million.

In progress, partly complete.

EUR200,000 submitted to Mukwege Fund in December 2019, additional EUR200,000 allocated for 2020.

EUR4,000,000 Mio submitted to ICRC. (exceeds commitment)

Referenced here: 

More information here: 

And here: 

New government strategies on engagement in crisis situations (rule of law, SSR, etc.) – they all have WPS as a key cross-cutting issue. (new commitment)

Germany pledges to support 5 WPS positions at United Nations Volunteers (UNV) in conflict-affected countries and one gender officer at the Office of the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Yemen (OSEGY).

Complete, all positions were created.

Sexual violence in conflict: Commits to supporting research and pilot interventions on engaging Rohingya male survivors of conflict-related sexual violence, which will contribute to developing approaches to address sexual violence against men and boys in situations of displacement and emergencies.

In progress, multi-year project (until 2020).

Germany will support the documentation of crimes committed against Yezidi and other Iraqi women.

In progress, multi-year project (until 2022).

Support for UNITAD referenced here: 

Participation: Support inclusion and participation of women in national dialogues, peace processes and reconstruction in Iraq, Yemen, Syria, and Libya through advocacy, research, and training.

In progress, three separate multi-year projects (until 2022).

Referenced in the document, Gender Equality in German Foreign Policy and the Federal Foreign Office 2020: 

Peacekeeping: Germany commits to promoting the participation of female police officers in peacekeeping missions through dedicated advocacy, in addition to supporting annual training for police personnel being deployed on peacekeeping missions on Women, Peace and Security, Sexual and Gender Based Violence and Inclusive Mediation.

Several events planned for October 2020.

We have committed to having annual training seminars for our own military and police who will be deployed. Training workshops happened last year and will happen this year too.

Further information on German participation in peacekeeping: 


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