DRC-2020 Commitments

National Action Plan: DRC commits to engaging in advocacy with the Council of Ministers for the implementation of its second NAP, prioritizing resource mobilization for its implementation, and reinforcing coordination and implementation structures (early warning, mediation, monitoring and evaluation) on 1325 in all the provinces in DRC.

Mediation: DRC pledges to support the African Women Leadership Network (AWLN), specifically in undertaking solidarity visits in provinces with IDPs and refugees (Kasais, Kivus, Ituri, Tanganyika, Maidombe), in addition to undertaking capacity-building of the provincial cells of the “femmes leaders” on mediation and social cohesion.

Participation: Requiring the significant participation of women in the organization of the community dialogues and provincial forums in provinces with emerging conflicts, such as Yumbi in Mayi Ndombe, Beni and Butembo in North Kivu, and others.

Security Sector: Will undertake capacity-building of uniformed personnel (Military and Police) on DRC’s commitments to the WPS agenda

Gender Equality: Will ensure the dissemination of laws and policies on gender equality and women’s rights (family code, parity law, national action plan on 1325 and laws on children’s protection law, HIV/AIDS victims protection, and sexual violence).

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