New Zealand-2015 Commitments


Remains committed to the the WPS agenda and is working to ensure that women are included at more senior levels in future peacekeeping operations. The National Action Plan of New Zealand focuses on improving international deployment rates of senior staff within the New Zealand Defense Force and New Zealand Police to increase the numbers of women at decision-making levels in peacekeeping and assistance missions.

2016 Update:

The representative of New Zealand stated that the government is None All Commitments were addressed “actively increasing the recruitment, promotion and retention of senior women within the police and the defence force.”

2018 Update:

Earlier in October, New Zealand hosted the annual conference of the International Association of Peacekeeping Training Centres (IAPTC), which included workshops on the Women, Peace and Security Agenda.


New Zealand looks forward to working with civil society to identify ambitious targets and actions for their second NAP. Over the coming year, New Zealand will be working with some of the peacekeeping training centres on initiatives to further commitments on women and peace and security commitments.


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