Jordan-2015 Commitments


In the process of modifying our plan of action in order to harmonize it with the Sustainable Development Goals (General Assembly resolution 70/1), keeping in mind the current regional context, including the constant flow of Syrian refugees

 Will continue to enhance and guarantee the protection of and respect for the rights of women and girls in our legislation and to promote women’s empowerment so that they may increasingly participate in decision-making. We will also continue to protect the rights of women and girls from all forms of violence, and we will enhance capacities with governmental and non-governmental organizations for the implementation of resolution 1325 (2000).

In the context of international cooperation, we are studying the gender element in security programmes, with a view to creating a strategy to increase the participation of women in security forces in collaboration with NATO.

2016 Update:

Jordan has successfully increased the number of women serving in peacekeeping forces. The state representative also relayed the success of consultations to improve peacekeeping missions, provide gender sensitive trainings, and ensure the protection of women and girls.

National Action Plan: Jordan reaffirmed its commitment to drafting a NAP, though gave no date for its release.

2017 Update:

Jordan’s draft national plan has been submitted to the Cabinet and will be ratified soon. Jordan have estimated the cost of the National Plan and allocated a quality, flexible and realistic budget to it.

As the context of the Jordan 2025 document and the Executive Development Programme 2016-2019, Jordan adopted a set of policies to empower women in the sectors of health, education, ending poverty, social protection and employment, and on their participation in the labour force and in social and political life.

Jordan promoted women’s empowerment during the voluntary national review of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals in July in New York, especially with respect to Goal 5, on gender equality.

Jordan recently achieved great progress in introducing legislative reforms and improving administrative and political frameworks to end all forms of discrimination against women, protect them against violence and discrimination and promote gender equality. 

Jordan is increasing women’s participation in police departments. Jordan sent women police officers to the United Nations Mission in South Sudan and expect to send female peacekeepers to the African Union-United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur.

Jordan is providing a variety of services to Syrian refugees, including education and gender-responsive services.

Jordan is supporting small enterprises led by women within refugee camps and in Jordanian society and facilitating their work in the Jordanian labour market by giving them work permits. In New York, Jordan and Norway, with the participation of 40 States, launched the Group of Friends on Countering and Preventing Violent Extremism. The Group focuses on the importance of empowering women and young people to fight violent extremism and promote the ability of local women to prevent conflict, respond to crises and emergencies, and build sustainable peace.


Jordan made a statement affirming support for the WPS Agenda, but no specific commitment made.

2018 Update:

As a co-Chair of the Group of Friends on Countering and Preventing Violent Extremism, Jordan attaches particular attention to protecting women and girls from violent extremism.


Jordan has developed a Jordanian action plan for the period 2018-2021. The plan was launched in March by the Jordanian National Commission for Women, which is officially responsible for implementing it, with broad participation of civil society stakeholders.


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