Argentina-2015 Commitments

Develop a proposal to establish a quota of 33 per cent for women at all grades and executive functions within the armed forces; to work jointly with the Auditor General of the Armed Forces to establish the post of Gender Auditor to take forward the process of handling disciplinary matters with a full gender perspective

Implement the Single Registry of Cases of Violence against Women in the proceedings of cases carried out by the armed forces.

2016 Update:

In 2015, Argentina committed to a 33% participation rate of women peacekeepers. To date, Argentina has achieved a 15% of women peacekeepers.

At the 2016 debate, Argentina’s representative did not address the state’s commitment to implementing the Single Registry for cases of VAW.

2017 Update:

Argentina has reached the United Nations goal of 15 per cent participation of women as military observers and officials in peace operations, and is therefore above the general average.

Argentina provides continued support for various mechanisms and platforms that contribute to complying with the commitments assumed in the framework of the revision of resolution 1325 (2000), particularly the Justice Rapid Response initiative, the Women, Peace and Security National Focal Points Network and the promotion of the Oslo Safe Schools Declaration.


Argentina will continue working to deepen that commitment through the implementation of the National Action Plan for the implementation of resolution 1325 (2000) and subsequent resolutions, which is as an overarching instrument of all national bodies regarding the issue of Women, Peace and Security.

2018 Update:

In 2017, Argentina and Norway organized the second Conference on Safe Schools to disseminate the Safe Schools Declaration and Guidelines for Protecting Schools and Universities from Military Use during Armed Conflict. 

With regard to concrete actions to implement resolution 1325 (2000), on women’s participation in conflict resolution and sustainable peacebuilding, in August the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina and the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights launched the creation of a federal network of mediators, with a gender perspective.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in coordination with the Embassy of Canada in Buenos Aires and the non-governmental organization Latin American Security and Defence Network, has begun to develop an assessment project about the status quo of the inclusion of the gender perspective in the 10 ministries involved in the implementation of the resolution 1325 (2000) national action plan. It is expected that the results of that mapping will be ready by March 2019.

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