Austria-2010 Commitments


  1. The development and implementation of National Action Plans is crucial for improving the implementation of UNSCR1325. Austria was one of the first countries to develop a National Action Plan for the implementation of UNSCR 1325. We will take the 10th anniversary of Resolution 1325 as an opportunity to revise our National Action Plan. Work will start the beginning of 2011 in close cooperation with civil society and other line ministries.
  2. Austria is committed to continuous enhancement of its rule of law standards. The Rome Statute is the first international treaty to classify crimes against women, like rape or other forms of sexual violence, as crimes against humanity, war crimes or genocide. Austria is currently in the process of incorporating the crimes of the ICC Statute into its criminal code.
  3. Austria commits to contextualize education, and pre-deployment training of its armed forces personnel in order to address specific operational realities in regions of deployment, including the impact of conflict on gender relations and the role and participation of women (on the basis of relevant UN Guidelines).
  4. With its expertise in the development of a National Action Plan on 1325, Austria stands ready to work together in the context of a ‘Twinning Project’ with partner countries to support the establishment of National Action Plans on 1325.
  5. Austria commits to deploy gender experts (e.g. Military Gender Advisor) to military components of peace operations if designated and posted by the international community.
  6. Austria will continue to further strengthen its training activities on 1325, in particular in pre-deployment trainings for peace and humanitarian operations that are being provided for civilian and military experts from around the world by the Austrian Study Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution (ASPR), and increase its training efforts in the Austrian Diplomatic Academy in 2011.

UN Engagement

  1. The newly-established entity “UN Women” has a central role in coordinating the UN’s activities in implementing Res. 1325. Austria is committed to supporting UN Women and its efforts in making the newly developed indicators operational. In this context, Austria will provide UN Women with voluntary financial contributions.

Civil Society Engagement

  1. Through the Austrian Development Agency, Austria supports and implements projects tailored towards, the implementation of 1325, in particular in relation to violence against Women, DDR, cooperation with civil society, for conflict prevention and peacekeeping. We will continue with these efforts. The Austrian multilateral development cooperation will keep a strong focus on women and children in crisis and post-conflict situations.


  1. Including through its Special Envoy for International Women’s Issues, Ambassador Dr. Ursula Plassnik, Austria will continue to promote the implementation of Resolution 1325 including in the UN, the EU, the Council of Europe and the OSCE. Austria is committed to dialogue initiatives promoting in particular gender equality and strengthening women in public life and dialogue activities. For example, Austria has established an international Network on “Promoting Female Leadership in Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue” first meeting in June 2010. Certainly, I also commit to raising awareness in my bilateral contacts for Res. 1325, where appropriate.

Commitments made on October 26, 2010 (see SC Open Debate)

Prior commitments made September 25, 2010 (see full statement)


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