South Korea-2020 Commitments

Security Sector: South Korea commits to increasing women’s representation in the areas of national defense, security, peace, and unification policies of the government, including the number female foreign officers at Director level in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Updates provided  in Beijing+25 reporting, including on women’s representation in the peace process (pg 74-75)

Peacekeeping: South Korea will make efforts to increase women’s participation and gender equality in peacekeeping operations, by pledging to increase women participation from 17 percent to 25 percent by 2028 in staff officer and military observer positions in line with UN Uniform Gender Parity Strategy.

No updates. 

Financial commitments: Pledges USD 8 million to support projects that address the particular needs of women and girls in conflict and post-conflict situations on the ground through UNICEF and UNFPA to provide tailored assistance to Asian and African countries, and to support UN Women’s programmes on gender-responsive peacebuilding.

Existing commitment that has been scaled up. UNFPA partners with Korea and UN Women to advance gender equality 

Civil Society: Strengthen cooperation with civil society organizations in the implementation process of women, peace, and security agenda in South Korea and abroad

Civil society was consulted in the process of developing and implementing the NAP  (pg. 72), as well as generally for Korean reporting for Beijing+25/CSW64 preparation.

Sexual Violence: Convene the annual international conference on the initiative “Action with Women and Peace.” This year in Seoul the theme will focus on how to end sexual violence in conflict.

“Action with Women and Peace” Initiative and Advisory Committee Launched View|Press Releases_| Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Korea 

Held in July 2019. Opening Remarks at 1st International Conference on “Action with Women and Peace” 

The Government of the Republic of Korea launched the initiative “Action with Women and Peace” in June 2018. As part of the initiative, the Government is working with international organizations such as UNFPA and UNICEF on projects that provide tailored assistance to Rohingya refugees ($1million) and sexual violence survivors in the Central African Republic ($1million). (pg. 72, Reporting for Beijing+25)

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