Kenya-2020 Commitments

National Action Plan: Kenya commits to adopting its second NAP on the implementation of UNSC resolution 1325 and to systematically contributing to the SG’s report on the Women, Peace and Security.

As part of efforts to advance the WPS agenda, Kenya will seek to institutionalize the Women, Peace and Security agenda through policy in ministries, counties, departments and agencies.

On 27 May 2020, Kenya announced the adoption of its second NAP, for the period 2020-2024. Following the development of Kenya’s first National Action Plan, the country has established the National Steering Committee which continues to provide advisory support on the implementation of the Plan. The NAP provides elaborate implementation strategies and a coordination framework. Building on lessons from the first KNAP, the plan specifically targets areas including climate change; violent extremism; gender-based violence (GBV); forced migration and human trafficking; and humanitarian disasters. 

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