Estonia-2010 Commitments


1. I have the pleasure to note that last week Estonia adopted its national action plan for the implementation of the Security Council resolution 1325. Over the next four years, the plan will help systematise and enhance our activities both at the national level and in regional and international organisations.

Commitments made October 26, 2010 (see SC Open Debate)


1. Estonia, on its part, is about to complete its first National Action Plan for the implementation of the Security Council resolution 1325 and its follow-up resolutions in October. The plan aims to enhance and coordinate our activities in the field of Women, Peace and Security.

2. Among its priorities, the plan reaffirms the focus on gender equality and the situation of women, particularly in the field of health and education. Special attention is paid to the participation of women’s NGOs in policy making and peace processes in Estonia’s development cooperation and humanitarian activities. It also includes steps to increase gender-related expertise, as well as general awareness and support for the inclusion of gender perspective in crisis management at all levels through improved training and exchange of information. Another emphasis will be on expanding the possibilities for women’s participation in international civilian and military missions and peace processes.

Prior commitments made September 26, 2010 (see full statement)

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