Denmark-2010 Commitments


1. Denmark remains as committed to the implementation of UNSCR 1325 as ever. Denmark was the very first country to adopt an action plan for the implementation of resolution 1325, and we are currently implementing our second national action plan (2008-2013). In this plan, an even stronger emphasis is placed on using the untapped potential of women, on involving women actively, on an equal basis, in peacebuilding processes and decision making at all levels and with focus on visibility at the country level.

Other/General | Civil Society Engagement

1. As part of our international outreach, Denmark and the United States will co-host an international conference on “Role of Women in Global Security» in Copenhagen on 29 and 30 October. The conference will gather political, military, business and civil society leaders and experts to share best practices and discuss how to expand and effectuate women’s key roles in peacemaking and peacekeeping and in security-related activities. The goal of the conference is to help us all walk new avenues to enhance and improve women’s vital role in the critical political, military and economic processes leading to sustainable peace and security.

2. The conference will build on the concrete know-how from a number of countries that experience or have experienced conflict, including Afghanistan, Liberia and Uganda. One concrete example of how we have chosen to improve the conditions of women in a conflict zone is our ongoing work in support of women’s networks and organisations in Afghanistan. Women’s right to justice, strengthening the rule of law and strengthening civil society at the provincial level are fundamental tools in combating the negative impacts that the armed conflict has had on women in Afghanistan. These women’s networks help build the basis on which women can play an active and constructive part in addressing the peace, reconciliation and reintegration process in the country.

Commitments made October 26, 2010 (see SC Open Debate)

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