Finland NAP Overview

UPDATE: The Finnish Government has launched its third National Action Plan for a period of four years (2018-2021). It builds on Finland’s first NAP (for the period 2008-2011)  and its second NAP (for the period 2012-2016). The third NAP includes recommendations from the Global Study on 1325 (2015), particularly on conflict prevention. Similar to the previous versions of the NAP, ministries and institutions that work in crisis management such as Crisis Management Centre Finland, Finnish Defense Forces, civil society organisations (CSOs) and experts from research institutions are responsible for the development and implementation of the 2018-2021 NAP.  These same entities will form part of the follow-up group responsible for  monitoring the implementation of the NAP.  The updated Finnish NAP has four mainly externally-oriented objectives, including in Afghanistan, Kenya and Nepal, and serves to strengthen the meaningful participation of women in conflict prevention and peacebuilding, mainstream gender in security sector, and improve the protections of women and girls while strengthening conflict prevention.

Even though Finland has no recent history of conflict, there are tensions around the Baltic Sea Region due to increased security threats caused by military exercises conducted by Russia. Finland has partnered up with the governments of Afghanistan, Kenya and Nepal to support their efforts in the implementation and follow-up of their WPS NAPs.  Domestically and regionally, Finland works on the WPS Agenda through diplomacy, crisis management, development cooperation and humanitarian aid and other expert work and training with EU policy measures.

The 2018-2021 NAP sheds light on the link between arms proliferation and women’s security and aims to incorporate a gender perspective into arms-control, disarmament and non-proliferation. However, the 2018-2021 NAP does not include earmarked funding, an allocated budget or an estimated budget.


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