In 2021, Peru adopted for the first time a National Action Plan (NAP) on WPS, entitled “From Acceptance to Inclusion”. In February of 2021, a Task Force Group was created with the mission of developing the Action Plan alongside the Ministry of Defense. This NAP focuses heavily on women’s participation in the country’s Armed Forces, including UN Peacekeeping missions, and to ensure specialized training for military personnel on human rights protection. 

The actors held a meeting to review the Gender Equality Committee’s results, UNSCR 1325, the Gender Toolkit of the Geneva Center for Security Sector Governance, the Office for Democratic Institutions and Rights of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and UN Women. The actors also reviewed similar action plans and other good practices implemented by other countries (Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, and Chile). The review was extended to a local document called “Women in the Armed Forces and Peacekeeping Missions”. The process of the NAP was also assessed and supported by international actors such as UN Women, DCAF, Government of Canada, Government of Mexico. 

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