Belgium-2019 Commitments

National Action Plan and Implementation: Belgium commits to hosting a consultative meeting with civil society organizations on the progress and implementation of the third Belgian National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security (2017-2021).

Belgium-2015 Commitments

Committed to continue to implement its national plan and to give political and operational priority to the implementation of resolution 1325 (2000).

Belgium-2010 Commitments

We commit today to revise our national action plan by 2012, in full cooperation with civil society and taking into account EU indicators, as well as the indicators that we hope to see adopted by the Council today.


The Belgium Government adopted its third NAP for the period 2017-2021. The drafting of this third NAP was coordinated by the Institute for the Equality of Women and Men and the FPS Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation.

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