Serbia-2020 Commitments

National Action Plan: Serbia will undertake an internal and external evaluation of current NAP (2017-2020) to inform the development the preparation/drafting of the new NAP. It will also commit to the localization of the NAP (with a plan to complete the implementation by the end of 2020).

Serbia will be deploying a NAP tracking software to allow for timely reporting on various indicators.

Serbia recently created a Political Council for the implementation of 1325. The Multisectoral Body has been renamed into an Operational Body and its duties are performed by the Coordination Body for Gender Equality. (pg. 76) The National Action Plan for the Implementation of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 (2018) focuses on improving the position and security of women at local level Pg 58. The Women, Peace and Security area is integrated into the National Gender Equality Strategy for the period from 2016 to 2020 (pg 66). Serbia also carried out a Gender Assessment of the Refugee and Migration Crisis on the so-called Balkan route. 

Gender Equality: Pledges to the adoption of the Law on Gender Equality in 2019, directly linking UNSCR 1325 to Serbia’s national legislation

Serbia will also ensure that gender-responsive budgeting is implemented by all local institutions. This will be done jointly by the coordination body of Gender Equality and the Ministry of Finance, supported by UN Women with the aim of ensuring all budgets by 2020 both state and local institutions include gender in their budgets.

Women in Black civil society report on unscr1325 in Serbia, 2017 

Another independent commentary: 

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