Guatemala-2020 Commitments

National Action Plan: Guatemala commits to prioritizing implementation of existing its NAP on 1325 at the local and national level and will use this as a framework to strengthen public institutions and national legislation to advance the rights of women, their full participation in decision-making at all levels and their access to justice through concerted interventions.

Guatemala has made progress developing seminars on implementation of UNSCR 1325 across different departments within its government.

Funding is a challenge, especially with Guatemala’s new government assessing its new priorities and deciding in what areas they will invest.

Guatemala raised the importance of addressing the linkages between UNSCR 1325 and disarmament, as we see a rise in militarization worldwide.

In its national reporting on Beijing+25/CSW64, Guatemala has reported on the implementation of its NAP and the mechanisms used to address various challenges to implementation (pg. 45). The national strategy for the prevention of violence links the possession of weapons with domestic violence and femicide (pg. 52). It also recognizes the differential and  disproportionate impacts of community-level violence on women and youth, and the impacts of violence including the possession of weapons as tools that are believed to provide safety and security (pg. 58) 

Youth Engagement: Commits to support leadership training and the inclusion of women in the public sphere through the Leadership School for young women and the permanent voluntary participation program called “School of Culture of Peace”.

Guatemala has established a leadership school for women, and its ministry of education has established specific educational programs for children, meant to educate youth on the meaning and purpose of UNSCR 1325 through creative and artistic activities, like drawing cartoons.​

This program was under Secretaría de la Paz (Sepaz), which was closed in 2020. Its primary programs were moved to the Presidential Commission on Human Rights

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