Spain-2015 Commitments


Update National Action Plan and approve periodic follow-up reports to be submitted to Parliament. Establish national focal points; create an international network of focal points; and involve civil society in designing and providing follow-up to actions.  

Enhance training on gender equality for members of the armed forces and the state security forces, particularly those who are deployed on international missions. Continue to promote the participation of female soldiers in peacekeeping operations and ensure that women are present in mediation teams.

Continue to strictly implement the zero-tolerance policy with regard to incidents of sexual violence involving members of Spanish civilian and military missions abroad.

Financial Commitments

-Increase the percentage of our official development assistance earmarked for women and peace and security.

-Contribute to funding the Gender Unit within the Department of Political Affairs of the Secretariat in 2016.

-In 2016, make a contribution of €1 million to the new Global Acceleration Instrument for Women, Peace and Security and Humanitarian Action and the multi-agency Fund for Action against Sexual Violence in Conflict.

2016 Update:

National Action Plan: Spain has drafted a new National Action Plan, no date is set thus far for its release, however the representative described it as “very progressive” and bound to “usher in change.”

Spain attended the UN Peacekeeping Defense Ministerial Meeting in London and adopted the resulting London Communique. Through the London Communique Spain committed to double the number of women participating in Peacekeeping operations by 2020, and address all cases of SEA. Spain also surpassed targeted 20% quota of women peacekeepers in Colombia

The representative of Spain did not address whether the state had undertaken efforts to provide gender-sensitive training for peacekeeping forces.


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