Finland-2015 Commitments


Will begin preparations for the third national action plan, taking into account the recommendations of the global study and the high-level review and is committed to a joint Nordic initiative called Nordic Women Mediator’s Network, to be established this year Security.

Continue deploying women to peacekeeping operations as military experts in numbers at least equivalent to the proportion of women in our national defence forces. Also aim to increase the number of Finnish female police officers seconded to United Nations peacekeeping operations and stand ready to deploy a specialized unit of 3-4 female police officers to the United Nations by the end of 2016 Peacekeeping: Continuing to provide gender training for all Finnish personnel deployed to peace operations.

Take more robust measures in tackling these cases in order to make the zero-tolerance policy into a zero-case reality by investigating and punishing all cases.

Increase support to UN-Women in order for it to fulfil its leadership role in the promotion and implementation of the women and peace and security agenda.

Committed to remain a top donor to UN-Women Continue to dedicate 52% of funding to fragile States remains directed towards activities with a gender focus.

2018 Update:

The Foreign Ministers of Spain and Finland jointly presented an initiative called Commitment 2025 at the high-level event of the Women, Peace and Security Focal Points Network, held in New York on 26 September.


In this Initiative, commitments will include additional measures to increase the institutional representation of women at all levels in sectors relevant to the women and peace and security agenda, and especially in peace processes. They will include the appointment of women to decision-making positions in peace and security institutions, as well as funding incentives for women’s participation. The initiative will commit to supporting the work of the Women Mediators Networks and the Group of Friends of Mediation to ensure that their efforts are taken into account in peace processes and negotiations. Next spring, Spain will organize the third International Conference on Safe Schools within the framework of the 2015 Safe Schools Declaration initiated by Argentina and Norway. The Conference will have a special focus on the gender approach in access to education in armed conflicts. That will require an analysis on specific attacks on the access to education of women of all ages, including sexual and gender-based violence.

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