Brazil-2010 Commitments

  1. Improving the role of women in conflict requires a combination of efforts both on the ground and in policy development implementation. Brazil is resolved to do its part. To this end, we will continue to actively support the empowerment of women in conflict and post-conflict situations in the Security Council, the Peacebuilding Commission, and the General Assembly. This includes supporting efforts on the Council to adopt the indicators for resolution 1325 and to help improve its implementation on the ground. We are also committed to continuing to give adequate attention to sexual or gender-based violence in subsidiary bodies of the Council where mandated.
  2. With regards to our peacekeepers on the ground, we will maintain our policy of zero tolerance in relation to sexual abuse and exploitation, and continue to ensure that all troops deployed receive adequate training in this area. The record of Brazilian troops in this regard makes us very proud and we are working constantly so that it remains so. We will also continue to contribute women to peacekeeping missions within our capabilities. Finally, in countries emerging from conflict where we have bilateral or trilateral cooperation projects, we will continue to seek to ensure that projects adequately contemplate the role of women.

Extract from the statement made at the “A 1325 Call to Action” event, September 25, 2010

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